A free weekend meant that, rather than serving up some of the finest gin drinks in Staffordshire (even if we do say so ourselves) to our lovely customers, we took the opportunity to test some new combinations and have a bit of fun.

Our menus are constructed by trialling the best gins with a range of different tonics and garnishes. We also use recommendations from fellow gin drinkers as to what tastes great.

This weekend we trialled Martin Millers with elderflower tonic, garnished with red grapefruit, Martin Millers with regular tonic, garnished with lemon & lime, Bathtub gin with regular tonic & elderflower tonic, garnished with orange slices. Our favourite, and one for those that like a slightly spicier option, was Opihr with Fever-Tree, garnished with orange and coriander.

Our next event is at The Royal Oak in Church Eaton on 25th March, we hope to see you there.